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The Standells

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Audience Reviews from the Uptown Nightclub!


Terry Lewis - "As for the Standells - they absolutely blew everyone away with their total professionalism, preparedness, spontaneity and perfect renditions of their songs - new and old - many surprises from the past and excellent new material as well! Their total dedication to their audience and the excitement and enjoyment of this Class Act is undeniable! Larry is right - they obviously had a blast and so did everyone present - they played with such energy and conviction it had to be SEEN to be believed! Fortunately they filmed the performance - it was a Night to Remember and the Uptown was the perfect place for it!!"

Cal Cali -  "Standells RULE!!"

Jen Dunjen -  "Awesome show!!!"

Andrew Trice - "You guys blew the roof off at the Uptown. What a great night to have a crew filming! Next time I see you I'll ask you to autograph this piece of Larry's destroyed keyboard..."

Patrick Flynn - "Just saw this show, the guys rocked and destroyed a keyboard on stage, That was a first!! I've never seen a keyboard smashed on stage before and I have been to many shows!! Rock on Boys!!"

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