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Larry Tamblyn's interview on radio station WORT FM


Some comments regarding Larry's interview this past Saturday on radio station WORT (a PBS station), Madison WI:

Rockin John McDonald·

“It was a lot of fun having Larry Tamblyn on tonight's show. I think I'm starting a new tradition. I'm going to have Larry on every year from now on!! He's a great guy and one helluva musician! The new Standells CD "Bump" kicks butt!

Joanie Baker

“Hi Larry.

I cannot thank you enough for your 'appearance' on the show last night.  The audience raved about it and RJ gained some new listeners!  In fact a couple clad in Harley Davidson gear entered the WORT building after the show, (they did try to get in during the program) raving about the night's show, and then wrote the station a check for $2,000!”

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