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Standells at the SXSW!!!!!

Lincoln Journal Star
The Standells, yes, those Standells, have a new record coming out and they did a few songs from it during their Buffalo Billiards set. But the fun came with the garage nuggets “Riot on Sunset Strip,’ “Good Guys Don’t Wear White” and the classic “Dirty Water.”
We're then back on the bus where we manage to get suitably Irish'ed up and gain plenty of green bits from some friendly locals. We then head back to one of our favourite hang outs, Buffalo Billiards for some grub and to see old punks The Standells. For saying they must all be in their sixties, they look good and they're clearly having a blast even though the venue isn't that packed out.

Gee it looked pretty packed to us. They were lined up all the way to the back. Must be weird having a bunch of ‘old men’ having fun on the stage. Did he see Bruce Springstein? This was actually a very good review compared to the one for “Plants & Animals” who played at the stadium.

Sound Vision Magazine

By nightfall, all roads inevitably led back to East Sixth Street, where over the course of the evening's endless club crawling I witnessed the following highlights: ‘60s garage rockers the Standells at Buffalo Billiards snarling their way through their banned-in-Boston classic “Dirty Water” and their banned-everywhere illegal substance-promoting ditty “Try It”

Riot on Sunset Strip at Buffalo Billiards. The Standells playing the "hits," a new song. Soon to come Dirty Water. They sound great. Have played 3 songs from new album. 1 is cover of Lyres Help You Ann.

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