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Standells "Bump" now available on


"Bump", the Standells first new album in 46 years is now available on!!!


We've worked really hard to maintain the Standells sound. Stu Robbins of WBAI-FM, New York, said "Bump takes you from the Standells of the '60s to the Standells of today". It has been getting rave reviews from Standells fans. Here are just a few:


Bruce Gardner – “Don’t take this wrong, but you guys sound better now than you did in the ‘60s when you sounded good then!! Love the new stuff! Strong vocals and music. This is a great sound!”


Larry McGrath - Yeah! No disappointments here...this album is the real deal!


Jamie Turner: "Just wanted say congratulations on the new album "BUMP" I bought it off of itunes the other week and have been really enjoying it! You guys still have such a great sound..."


Lynn Pokemonojeff: “i love the singin' that i heard man ! far out: BEAUTIFUL SINGIN'... I'M GONNA BUY A COPY OF THE ACTUAL COMPACT DISC my wife won't give me my iPOD back !!! so yeah.. i'm gonna buy the compact DISC BABY ! thanx for singin' so GREAT !”


Hammack Franny: “The songs are great. Every song is fabulous. I was able to listen to it all day long today and it's so good.”


Jim McCravey: “Just purchased the album ... I love it!!!”


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