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The Standells are getting rave concert reviews!!!!


The press has finally taken notice of the Standells knock-out concerts this year. Here are some of their reviews!!!!


Ponderosa Stomp, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Standells impressed me last night even more than they did when they first twisted my head off when I was in 7th grade. Of all the 2013 Ponderosa Stomp lineup they were the most commercially successful (except maybe Chris Montez. More on him later.) Is there anyone around my age who doesn't remember "Dirty Water" or, my favorite, "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White".

All too often when you hear old bands play their old songs from decades past, it's sad and cheesy. But these Standells aren't ready for the casino circuit, and hopefully they never will be. They play like they could start a real riot on Sunset Strip.

- Steven W. Terrell (Music) Web Log


Adams Ave. St. Fair San Diego, CA

Legendary garage rockers The Standells, led by original singer-keyboardist Larry Tamblyn, headlined the Adams Avenue Street Fair in San Diego. The Godfathers of Punk Rock didn’t disappoint. They tore it up.

- Steve Smith, Pasadena Star News


The band was solid throughout the show. The hits were reproduced faithfully and with exuberance. The best sounding material was the new stuff as recorded by the current roster. It was nice to hear the hits but it was clear from this show that the Standells are not a band looking to just recreate past glories, they are a band looking to create new ones.

- Bart Mendoza, San Diego Reader


The Satellite Club, Los Angeles, CA

SA riveting CD release party in LA’s Silver Lake district.

-Steve Thorn, San Diego Troubadour

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